Ordering Reopened at New Prices

March 23, 2010

Boy do you guys want saws! I’ve been getting all sorts of requests to either add to orders or to take new orders. One of the main reasons I put a hold on all orders was to get a handle on the backlog, which I’m still working on. But the other reason was to give myself a chance to work out prices that are more realistic for the amount of handwork that goes into each tool. My initial pricing attempts were, well, … woefully off target. The present price change is a large one, I know, but to be honest it is simply where my prices should have been from the beginning. As is common with various crafts, my saw making abilities were far ahead of my pricing and business abilities. It’s taken some time, perspective, and experience to get things right.

So as of today I am happy to say that ordering is officially reopened, and anyone who would like to place a new order or add to an existing order is welcome to do so.

The following are base prices. Additional customizing is extra and can be worked out on an individual basis. To read more about the saws check out my toolworks page.









Full Sized—$575

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