Ordering Has Been Closed

December 3, 2009

I am sometimes asked how I ever started making saws in the first place. Initially I wanted to make myself a set of tools that I would in turn use to make other things. I started with the saws and simply kept making them. They are very interesting tools to make. Back then I was also interested in developing other facets of my work, items other than tools. Well actually I still am. I keep telling myself that when I get caught up with my saws I will start making other things too. However, the backlog grows much faster than I can work it down. Right now it is around 18 months or more. I truly enjoy making saws but need to explore other avenues as well. That, combined with the overwhelming nature of the backlog, has led me to the decision to stop taking orders for awhile. It will give me a chance to work the backlog down and to ultimately organize my work in a way that permits other pursuits. All orders already placed will be filled, each one with the utmost care and diligence–but I won’t be able to let those orders be expanded. And ultimately when orders do reopen the prices will need to be higher. Various expedients have been suggested at times to make my work more streamlined and efficient, and I have carefully considered all of them. I am extremely careful and conservative about adopting measures like that. I always come back to the sort of work I want to do, and the sort of work that my customers expect when they buy a saw from me–saws that are made by hand at the bench and that function in a very particular way. These are the kinds of saws that got me interested in making saws in the first place. They are different, and unique, and to my mind are worth the extra time and work to make.

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