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Woodworking in America–It’s Getting Close!

September 14, 2009

It’s almost time to emerge from the shop and step into the light of day! It’s just a week away now. If you are planning to attend the upcoming Woodworking in America conference in Valley Forge, be sure to stop by and say hi and check out some saws. I will have examples on hand of five, maybe six, of the saws I make, and you are welcome to take them for a test drive. The handle in the picture above belongs to a 16″ tenon saw that will be in attendance. I’m constantly making small refinements, as that is a big part of what makes this kind of work interesting, so the saws I’ll have with me represent my most current work. Here’s a rundown on what I plan to bring: a dovetail saw, a carcase saw, the 16″ tenon saw, a full sized crosscut handsaw, and a monster rip saw. I may have one other tenon saw as well, we’ll have to see. I will not have any saws for sale at the show, as that would not be fair to my customers who are currently waiting for their saws. But I will be taking orders. So stop by and see what it’s all about!